C3070 Accurio PRESS

Accurio PRESS C3070

Recently local Print company EPRINT took possession of a C3070 Accurio PRESS. This device has helped expand their digital print output with higher quality, lower costs and faster print times.

Because of its speeds of 71 A4 ppm or 3883 pages per hour EPRINT are now looking forward to being able to provide their customers with a true same day service. Offering a large variety of print jobs has now become a whole lot easier.

Looking for a similar device to the C3070 to assist in your commercial printing ? Or how about an office machine. Central Business Equipment has a wide range of options for all printing professionals so why not check out the full range available Here.

Central Business Equipment can you help you with not just your Office Printing. We have access to a wide range of Production and Industrial Printing devices. We also have access to a large range of Industry leading 3D Printers from both 3D Systems and Markforged. If that is not interesting enough ask us about Robotics.



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