How do I Add or Modify a "One Touch" Address on my Device?

From your machine: Press Menu > Utility / Counter > Administrator Settings > password Please Ring for your password > One-Touch Registration > Create One-Touch > Address Book (Public) > E-mail or SMB or FTP or FAX > If creating a new one-touch select New. If editing or deleting highlight the relevant one-touch and select Edit or Delete.

From your computer: Access the Shortcut created directly to the printer with PageScope. Select Address Book and then the Store Adressess Button. Selct New Registration. Select OK for Email. Selct Direct Imput and Enter Your Name making sure to Check the appropraite alphabetical order and select Main to show on screen. The enter your email address and selct enter.

What is the correct method to Restart my Machine?

Switch OFF the control panel power switch > Wait for the red Start button to extinquish > Switch OFF the machine’s main power switch inside the front door > Wait a minimum of 10 seconds then power ON main switch > Wait another 10 seconds then power ON the control panel power switch.

How do I find my Meter Read?

For your E Series Colour Range and 8 Series range of devices go to your Main Menu and press the Counter at the top of the screen. The counter is on the left hand side.

For your E Series Mono Range and 8 Series range of devices  go to your Main Menu and press the Counter at the top of the screen. The counter is on the left hand side.

For Bizhub 4050 and 4750 Press Utility then Counters (if counters button presents), otherwise Press Utility, then User Settings, then Printer Settings, then Print Reports. Print the printing-related lists such as the configuration list or counter list.
For a full list of models and how to obtain your meter go HERE

How do I find my serial number?

Your serial number can be found on the rear or side of your machine near where the power cord attaches.

How do I find my Machine Number for Central Business Equipment?

In most cases (depending on the machine) you will find your Central Business Equipment Machine number located on the front left hand side dirtectly under the ADF in the cream area. What you will see is a Sticker with the Central Business Equipment Logo, contact details and your Assett Number.

I keep getting spots and marks when I photocopy and some of the text is missing.

Clean the glass, there may be bits of debris like dried liquid paper on it.

I can’t print from any computer to the copier.

Check the network cables. If everything looks okay turn the printer off at the main switch and leave off for 30 seconds. Turn back on. If you still can’t print give us a call.

What is a multifunction printer?

All commercial mono or colour multifunction printers and photocopiers come standard with copy, print and scan functions. Fax capability is a common additional feature as well as stapling or saddle stitch finishing. Some even offer double-sided simultaneous colour scanning which helps productivity for users of a document management system.

When should I Replace my Toner ?

This is not a silly question. All Konica Devices will warn you when your need to replace your toner. At first it will say ‘Replace Toner Soon’. This is just a warning, you will not run out yet and you you DO NOT need to replace.

Contact us and let us know you have the warning, we may already be aware. When the device says ‘Replace Toner Now’ that is when you need to replace it. If you do it before it will return an incorrect volume. And remember please DO NOT SHAKE YOUR TONER.