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Relay 4500

Increase your productivity and improve the accuracy of your mailing process with the Relay 4500 folder inserter. Designed on a tried and tested platform, the reliable Relay...
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Relay 3500

Eliminate the time-consuming task of folding and inserting your mail with the Relay 3500 folder inserter. Our simple user experience is designed on a tried and tested...
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Relay 2500

Eliminate the time-consuming task of folding and inserting your mail with the Relay 2500 folder inserter. Our simple user experience is designed on a tried and tested...
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DM175/185/195 Enhanced Digital Postage Meter

DM175/185/195™ Enhanced Digital Postage Meter Series The DM100™ Enhanced Series desktop mailing systems provide so much more! Today, small businesses need to operate as efficiently as possible....
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DM300 Digital Postage Meter

DM300™ Digital Postage Meter If it's your job to get the mail out fast, the DM300™ Digital Postage Meter can make sure you achieve your objective. Reliable...
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DM400 Digital Postage Meter

DM400™ Digital Postage Meter Be an innovator. Be creative. Use metered mail to promote your business. Before they even open the envelope, let customers and potential customers...
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DM450 Digital Postage Meter

DM450™ Digital Postage Meter Print your logo, a slogan or even details of a promotional offer on every envelope you frank. It’s quick, easy and cost effective...
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SendPro P2000

Make sending more efficient with the SendPro P2000. Automatically log all incoming packages and mail.
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SendPro P3000

For high-output mail operations looking to grow their business, the SendPro P3000 is our most powerful solution.
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SendPro P1000

Designed to save you time and money, the P1000 is easy to use so everyone in your office can operate it.
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SendPro P1500

The SendPro P1500 is a durable mailing solution that automates and simplifies the processing of non-uniform mail.
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Relay 1000

Relay® 1000 inserting system The simple solution for folding and inserting your mail. The Relay 1000 inserting system folds, inserts and seals up to 900 envelopes per...
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Relay 2000

Relay® 2000 inserting system Reliable easy to use folder inserter that automatically folds, inserts and seals up to 2,500 envelopes per hour.
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Relay 3000

Relay® 3000 inserting system With the Relay® 3000 inserting system for low- to mid-volume mailers, you can be confident that your customer communications are done right. Capable...
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Relay 4000

Relay® 4000 inserting system Make sure your mailings are accurate by utilising advanced scanning technology for your mid-sized business. The Relay® 4000 inserting system is ideal for...
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Relay 5000

Relay® 5000 inserting system Your customers’ privacy and security is critical. Sending them important documents on time is essential to the health of your business. Achieve greater...
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Relay 6000

Relay® 6000 inserting system Impressive speed, flexibility and integrity ensure that your most important mail reaches your clients accurately and on-time.
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Relay 7000

Relay® 7000 inserting system Automate and add the highest level of integrity to your inserting process with the Relay® 7000 inserting system. With the Relay 7000, your...
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Relay 8000

Relay® 8000 inserting system Built for larger mailers who need fully- integrated inserting, the Relay® 8000 inserting system can bring significant benefits to your business. Now, you...
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OfficeRight Folder DF800

The OfficeRight™ Folder DF800 can handle a wide range of paper weights and sizes. With seven fold options you have the flexibility to present your documents in...
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OfficeRight Folder DF900

If you need to load more documents, there’s no need to stop the OfficeRight™ Folder DF900, so there’s with no reduction in productivity. This robust machine can...
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