COVID-19 Support for our Customers

COVID-19 Support

During these trying times Central Business Equipment is here for you and we will endeavor to support you as best we can while we all deal with COVID-19.

During these trying times If you are seeking support with your printer lease requirements kindly contact us via phone on 0889474050 or email us below and we will do our best to assist you.

Where to find out more Information about COVID-19

For all the latest on COVID-19 Information in the Northern Territory we suggest you visit HERE

The Northern Territory has begun several initiatives that you may be eligible for, find out more information HERE

If you are looking for a New photocopier for work or home during this time have a look at our range HERE

Further to this the Federal Government has also offered a range of packages. If you have been effected by COVID-19 you can find the information HERE 

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